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Home Of The World´s International Transmission & Drive Community

Home Of The World´s International Transmission & Drive Community

Das Internationale CTI Symposium mit seiner angeschlossenen Fachausstellung „Transmission Expo“ ist DIE Veranstaltung in Europa, wenn Sie sich über die neuesten technischen Entwicklungen im Bereich der Fahrzeuggetriebe informieren wollen!

  • Zahlreiche OEM-Vorträge
  • Experten aus 25 Ländern vor Ort
  • DER internationale* Industrie-Treffpunkt Europas
    * mehr als 33% der Teilnehmer aus dem nicht-deutschsprachigen Ausland
  • 2.700 Teilnehmer + 230 Aussteller in USA, China & Europa in 2017

CTI Mag: Interview “A Quantum Leap in e-drive Performance”

Interview “A Quantum Leap in e-drive Performance”

At the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, GKN Driveline presented eTwinsterX – an eAxle system with a seamless shift two-speed transmission, and the Twinster module instead of a differential. What’s the thinking behind the new concept, and how will eAxlemarkets and technology develop? We spoke with Theodor Gassmann, Manager Advanced Engineering at GKN Driveline. Read more

CTI Mag: Paradigm Shift in Thinking on Four-wheel Drives

Paradigm Shift in Thinking on Four-wheel Drives

Vehicles with four-wheel drives have lower fuel efficiency than models with two-wheel drives? Magna Powertrain shakes up this dogmatic way of thinking with an electric transfer case. It greatly increases fuel efficiency and lowers emissions, increasing driving dynamics of vehicles in the top-end segment. Read more

CTI Mag: The MAGSPLIT® Hybrid Transmission

The MAGSPLIT® Hybrid Transmission

The Magsplit transmission device splits propulsion power magnetically. In operation, it offers greater efficiency with superior NVH compared to the alternatives. As a power split, the launch quality is smooth and tunably progressive, whether driving purely electrically or with the combustion engine. As electrification proliferates, hybrids must continue to offer a competitive driving experience and, for Chinese customers, this magnetic. Read more

Interview Marc Ritter, Google Germany

Mission Google – oder was Automobilunternehmen von Google lernen können

Interview mit Marc Ritter, Marc Ritter, EMEA Automotive Partnerships, Google Germany GmbH

Google möchte die digitale Transformation von Unternehmen unterstützen. Insbesondere die Automobilindustrie ist interessant. Wir haben in Berlin mit Google Deutschlands Autoexperten, Marc Ritter, gesprochen. Weiterlesen

CTI Mag: AVL’s Future Hybrid X-Mode

AVL’s Future Hybrid X-Mode

A modular hybrid transmission family that can be implemented as a conventional AT, 48V or HEV/PHEV system, delivering a new dimensionof safeguarding development efforts and industrial assets in vehicle markets with volatile customer preferences. Read more