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Since 2012 CTI organises its famous CTI Symposium in China. The three day event provides an update on latest automotive transmission and drive engineering for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The international industry event delivers the appropriate platform to find new partners for purchase and sales of whole systems and components. Automobile manufacturers, transmission and component companies give an overview and outlook on technical and market trends.

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Impressions from the CTI Symposium China, 25 – 27 September 2017

Impressions from the CTI Symposium China, 25 – 27 September 2017

Electrification has Many Facets

The quotas are coming. As of 2019, automotive manufacturers must have a minimum share of electrified vehicles in their Chinese portfolios. But conventional drives and transmissions will still have a chance too – the technical concepts of Chinese OEMs and suppliers are just as diverse as in other markets.

As the 6th CTI Symposium Shanghai (25-27 September 2017) showed, the question of whether combustion engines still have a future also applies in China. “Despite the euphoria surrounding electric drives, the Chinese have not forgotten combustion engines” said symposium chair Professor Ferit Küçükay in retrospect. This year’s symposium raised the bar once again, with 67 lectures offering 620 participants all the facts on new developments in transmission and drive technology. Unlike Europe and North America, China has seen strong, steady growth in vehicle registrations in recent years, though the curve has flattened of late. The gut feeling is that most of the growth is in pure EVs, but Chinese suppliers are also growing their competence in conventional and hybrid drive technology.

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Photo impression of 6th CTI Symposium China 2017

Photo impression of 6th CTI Symposium China 2017

The 6th CTI Symposium has come to end on 27 September 2017 in Shanghai. This year there were about 620 delegates from all over the world gathering together, they enjoyed 67 presentations with the newest updates of automotive transmission, HEV and EV drive area. Beside the conference, there were 50 exhibitors joining in the transmission Expo which provided the delegates the great opportunities to look into the technical details on real products.

In order to provide an overview for delegates and to all who missed the opportunity to attend this event, we have created the following photo gallery of 6th CTI Symposium China. Please just click on the following link to open the gallery.

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