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In September 2015 CTI organized its famous CTI Symposium for the fourth time in China. The three day event provided an update on latest automotive transmission and drive engineering. It delivered the appropriate platform to find new partners for purchase and sales of whole systems and components. Over 440 participants listened to over 40 expert speeches. Automobile manufacturers, transmission and component companies gave an overview and outlook on technical and market trends.

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Follow-up report on the 10th International CTI Symposium USA

Follow-up report on the 10th International CTI Symposium USA

Automotive Transmissions, HEV and EV Drives,
May 9 – 12 2016, Novi, Michigan

follow-up-report-2016RDE is driving electrification
Two trends left a clear mark on this year’s 10th CTI symposium USA. Real Driving Emissions (RDE) is infl uencing development even sooner than experts anticipated just a year ago. And the new transmission category DHT (Dedicated Hybrid Transmission) is being discussed intensively as an alternative to add-on hybrids. Interest in the CTI Symposium was up yet again, with a participant headcount of 590 in this anniversary year.
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Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Hanbing YangHanbing Yang
President Automotive
Schaeffler Group Greater China, China


Mario BrunnerMario Brunner
Head of Passenger Car Transmission
AVL List GmbH, Austria


Prof. Frank ZhaoProf. Frank Zhao
PhD, Director
Tsinghua Automotive Strategy Research Institute (TASRI), China


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CTI Mag – Issue May 2016 now online!

CTI Mag – Issue May 2016 now online!

The Automotive TM, HEV & EV Drives magazine by CTI

Topics are e.g.:

  • DHT – a Model for the Future?
  • DCT Technology for Low-torque Applications
  • Interview with Larry T. Nitz Executive Director
    Transmission & Electrification, General Motors

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