CTI Mag Artikel What Chinese Customer is Expecting

What Chinese Customer is Expecting

  • Dr Jiang Hong, Managing Director, AVL China
  • Mario Brunner, Head of PC transmission, AVL List GmbH Austria
  • Fuchun Zhao, Business Development Transmission China, AVL China
  • Dr Frank Beste, General Manager Shanghai Tech Center, AVL China

After 10 years fast growth of passenger car market in China, the main growth moves to Tier3/4 cities due to major cities’ restriction on new cars registration. Customers expect high ends equipment option normally bonded with automotive transmission. They also expect transmission with lower noise and vibration, smoother shift behavior and better reliability. The regulations on fuel consumption and emission provides new challenges on powertrain. Other than add on hybrid module on traditional automatic transmission, The Dedicated Hybrid
Transmission (DHT) provides another option for vehicle powertrain electrification and hybridization.