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Active Transmission – More Than a Gearbox

Active Transmission – More Than a Gearbox

The International CTI Symposium and its flanking specialist exhibition is THE international industry event in Europe for people seeking latest information on developments in automotive transmissions and drives for passenger cars and commercial vehicles!

HERE you meet the experts from Europe, America and Asia!

    • Extensive OEM reports
    • Delegates from from 23 countries
    • Most international* industry meeting in Europe
      (* over 35% participants from non-German speaking countries)
    • 2,200 participants in USA, China & Europe in 2015

First Speakers confirmed

15th International CTI Symposium

First speakers confirmed

Dr Ulrich Eichhorn nitz Jake Hirsch Dr Dr Harald Ludanek

Dr Ulrich Eichhorn, Head of R&D, Volkswagen Group, Germany
Larry Nitz, Executive Director Global Transmissions and Electrification, General Motors, USA
Jake Hirsch, President, Magna Powertrain, USA
Dr Dr Harald Ludanek, Member of the Board of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle,
Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge, Germany

vachenauer grotendorst hirai mertens

Dr Renate Vachenauer, Vice President Design Transmissions, 4-Wheel-Drive, BMW Group, Germany
Jörg Grotendorst, Executive Vice President Division E-Mobility, ZF Friedrichshafen AG,
Toshihiro Hirai, Corporate Vice President, Powertrain Eng. Division, NISSAN Motor Co., Ltd.
Dr Peter Mertens, Senior Vice President, Research & Development,Volvo Cars, Sweden

pisino bofinger indra
Dr Enrico Pisino, Head of R&I, Product Development, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Italy
Gerd Bofinger, Director Transmission Development, Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche AG, Germany
Prof. Dr Fritz Indra, Honorary Professor and Adviser, Austria

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Are the benefits of stepless transmissions still underrated?

CTI Symposia put CVTs centre stage:

Are the benefits of stepless transmissions still underrated?

The ideal: stepless acceleration!

In high-powered electric automobiles like Tesla models or the BMW i3, drivers can feel like pilots already. For powerful, seamless acceleration right up to full speed, they simply apply full thrust.

In conventional automobiles, automatic shift transmissions use high numbers of gearsteps to map that ideal as closely as possible. As an interesting alternative, stepless transmissions are now being discussed intensively again. Continue reading

DHT – a Model for the Future?

DHT – a Model for the Future?

DHT – a Model for the Future?

By definition, Dedicated Hybrid Transmissions (DHT) use at least two sources of propulsion: an ICE, and at least one e-machine. Without either of these sources, they are not fully functional. DHTs can offer several modes, for example serial, parallel, power-split CVT mode, all electric and ICE mode. Optionally, they do not require an additional launch element. What are the prospects for Dedicated Hybrid Transmissions?

Read the statements in the actual CTI MAG May 2016:

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Young-Drivers-Award Winner 2015

8th CTI Young Drive Experts Award

8th CTI Young Drive Experts Award

The CTI Young Drive Award honours outstanding Bachelor, Master works by recent graduates and PhD theses in the field of transmission and drive development. The aim is to encourage young engineers to continue their efforts in this sector.

>> The winner gets a prize money of 2.000 €

Students have until 15 November 2016 to submit their BSc, MSc papers and PhD theses for the 8th Young Drive Experts Award 2016. The award ceremony will take place at the CTI symposium in Berlin on 7th December 2016. The award recognises young engineers whose papers focus on solutions and concepts that address any aspect of transmission, drive and component development / optimization in the automotive sector.

Continue reading

Into the future with 48V

Into the future with 48V

Into the future with 48V:

Can new on-board electrics make powertrains smarter and more efficient?

When Henry Ford introduced his legendary Model T …

… the on-board electrics were still rudimentary: all the 6-volt battery did was support the ignition when starting. There was a starter handle, not a starter motor, and the headlights were acetylene lamps. By contrast, the 12V systems in modern automobiles have a wide range of electric ’consumers’ to feed, and engineers have been calling for a more performant system for years. Currently, the chances of a new 48V system asserting itself are stronger than ever.

As numerous talks and papers at the 10th CTI Symposium 2016 in the USA showed, almost all automobile manufacturers and suppliers have identified the need. And thanks to hybridization, they already have solutions ready to enter serial production in 2017. Continue reading

Call for papers

Wanted: NVH experts for transmissions and drivelines

Wanted: NVH experts for transmissions and drivelines

Now is the chance to submit a topic proposal!
Areas of interest for a technical paper are e.g.

  • NVH and powertrain integration
  • Simulation of vehicle and transmission NVH
  • Market specific requirements on NVH
  • NVH focused engineering for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, alternative drives

Deadline extended!
Entries for the above and related topics can be submitted until 15 June 2016.