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Active Transmission – More Than a Gearbox

Active Transmission – More Than a Gearbox

The International CTI Symposium and its flanking specialist exhibition is THE international industry event in Europe for people seeking latest information on developments in automotive transmissions and drives for passenger cars and commercial vehicles!

HERE you meet the experts from Europe, America and Asia!

    • Extensive OEM reports
    • Delegates from over 20 countries
    • Most international* industry meeting in Europe
      (* over 35% participants from non-German speaking countries)
    • 1,800 participants in USA, China & Europe in 2013



CTI Mag – The Automotive TM, HEV & EV Drives Magazine by CTI

The Magazine covers topics such as

  • The Opportunity of Advance Automatic Transmission in China
  • The All-Wheel-Drive Powertrain of the New Compact Vehicles of Mercedes-Benz
  • ISO 26262 Process Certification

and many more fields and aspects of automotive drive technologies.

Download the first issue of the CTI Mag for free!

You are also welcome to contribute to the Magazine.
For more information please contact: Mr. Michael Follmann, Email, Phone: +49 211 9686 3729.


Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

12th CTI Symposium on Automotive Transmissions, HEV and EV Drives

The arrival of electromobility is still an ongoing process that moves ahead one small step at a time. During the as yet uncertain transition phase towards electromobility, the conventional drives as well as their hybrid varieties must still be further advanced and improved. Transmissions will continue to figure prominently in this development.—This was one message of the 12th International CTI Symposium on Automotive Transmissions, HEV and EV Drives. Moreover, the developments in the area of CVTs have drawn a great deal of attention. However, the issues of functional safety and the upper limit for the number of gears were also discussed with more than 1,100 participants on December 3 and 4, 2013 in Berlin.

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Award 2013

Three Winners of the 5th CTI Young Drive Experts Award


Berlin/Düsseldorf. December 4, 2013. The 5th CTI Young Drive Experts Award has been awarded to three candidates this year. At the 12th International CTI Symposium “Innovative Automotive Transmission and Hybrid & Electric Drives” on December 3, Dr. Mirko Leesch took second prize while the first prize was awarded jointly to Katharina Völkel and Florian Schemberg. Prof. Dr. Ferit Küçükay (TU Braunschweig) paid tribute to the winners in his awards speech. He is a member of the jury and Chairman of the Transmission Symposium held in Berlin. Continue reading

Panel Speaker

Key speakers and panelists of the Symposium 2013




Dr. Carsten Breitfeld | BMW AG
Dr. Herbert Demel
Dr. Ulrich Eichhorn | Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA)
Dr. Robert Fischer | AVL List GmbH

Jörg Grotendorst | Siemens AG
Takashi Hata | Jatco Ltd.
Bernd Heid | McKinsey & Company, Inc.
Mihir Kotecha | GETRAG Corporate Group

Max Nakagawa | Denso International Europe
Arnold Paluch | Adam Opel AG
Coen Rooijmans | Bosch Transmission Technology B.V.
Prof. Dr. Dirk Uwe Sauer | RWTH Aachen
Ulrich Schwarz | Denso International Europe