Abstract: Development of Robust and Modular Drive System for MD EV

Development of Robust and Modular Drive System for MD EV

Dr Bulent Chavdar, Senior Engineering Specialist, Eaton Corporation

  • EV market trends
  • Major challenges for drive system
  • Drive system concept selection
  • Model based design for optimized drive configuration

The systematic development approaches of drive system for medium duty electric vehicle are introduced in this paper. The paper starts with a brief introduction of markets trends of EV world wide with special attention to China EV market. The major customer wants and needs are summarized for different EV platforms and applications. The various drive system concepts are compared against the critical design criteria and winning drive is selected accordingly. Model based simulations have been carried out to investigate the major design parameters of the drive system on vehicle level’s performances, namely vehicle energy efficiency and performances such as gradeability, max vehicle speed, and acceleration time. The dynamic NVH performance of the drive system is also investigated for passenger and drive comfort and risk mitigation plans are identified. The paper will show a robust and modular drive system based on Eaton’s proven technology. This Eaton EV drive system will provide the efficiency, reliability, and ready to market benefits to major vehicle platforms and applications.


Dr Bulent ChavdarDr Bulent Chavdar
Senior Engineering Specialist
Eaton Corporation

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