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Interview with Marc Ritter, EMEA Automotive

Interview Marc Ritter Google Germany

Mission Google – what can automotive companies learn from Google?

Interview with Marc Ritter, EMEA Automotive Partnerships, Google Germany GmbH

Google wants to support companies in their digital transformation, and the auto industry is particularly interesting. We spoke to Marc Ritter, Google Germany’s automotive expert, in Berlin. Continue reading

Young Drive Experts Award 2017 in Berlin

Young Drive Experts Award 2017 in Berlin

Enter now and present your research topic to an audience of international automobile experts

“Scientific work and research projects need to be transferred into industrial applications. Conferences like the CTI Symposium are the ideal platform to raise the industry’s interest in our scientific achievements”. Continue reading

Panel discussion 2017

When will electrification break through?

Panel discussion at the US Transmission Symposium 2017: Electrification makes powertrain development more complex, especially when general parameters cannot be planned long term. At the 11th CTI Symposium USA, experts discuss when electrification could achieve its breakthrough. Continue reading