CTI Symposia

CTI Symposium: the leading international congress series for automotive transmissions and alternative drives

The International CTI Symposium is a meeting point for experts from all over the world who wish to discover and discuss the latest technologies and developments in the automotive transmission and alternative drives sector. The symposium presents the people and companies who are driving the transmission sector, and highlights interesting technical and economic developments.
Focus topics in the Expert Talks range from finding ways to cut costs, boost efficiency and optimize comfort to CO2 reduction, integration and connectivity strategies, and the influence of automated driving on transmissions. The symposium covers all important parameters for conventional drives, hybrid and electric drives when addressing future developments. In addition, it presents today’s state-of-the-art technology and takes a look at what lies ahead.

Aussteller bei CTI SymposiumCTI Symposium – made in Germany, known worldwide

The CTI Symposium has been a resounding success in Germany ever since it began seventeen years ago. Organisers Car Training Institute (CTI) first invited CEOs, decision-makers and technicians from OEMs, transmission manufacturers and automotive suppliers to share insights and grow their business activities in 2002. Today the annual symposia in Germany, the USA and China are jour fixes for the global transmission industry. Last year, more than 2700 participants from over 25 countries attended these industry get-togethers; over 200 exhibitors leveraged the satellite exhibitions to gain exposure for their innovations and technologies.