Dr Peter Mertens to become new AUDI Head of R&D

November 2016

Dr Peter Mertens to become new AUDI Head of R&D

mertensDr Peter Mertens
hitherto Senior Vice President
Research & Development, Volvo Cars, Sweden

moves to AUDI, taking over the same position.

Several media report that Dr Peter Mertens is going to be the new Head of Research and Development at AUDI. When this is going to be is not clear by now.

Dr Peter Mertens graduated as Diplom-Ingenieur in Production Engineering and completed a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research and gained his doctorate in Production Engineering and Industrial Engineering at the University of Kaiserslautern. He began his professional career in 1990 at Daimler. In 1996 he became Managing Director at Tegaron Telematics GmbH. 6 years later he joined Adam Opel AG, lastly as Global Vehicle Line Executive, Executive Director of General Motors worldwide. At Jaguar Cars/Tata Motors India, Dr Mertens worked as Head of Corporate Quality and was a member of the Management Board of Jaguar/Land Rover from 2010 to 2011. Since 2011, he has been Senior Vice President, Research & Development of Volvo Cars and is responsible for Research & Product Development.

Dr Mertens follows Stefan Knirsch who left AUDI in September in the conjunction with the Diesel affair, only being in his position for several month after Ulrich Hackenberg.