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Compare up-to-date transmission concepts and prototypes at the CTI Test Drive

The CTI Test Drive at the ADAC Center of Driving Safety Berlin-Brandenburg/Linthe is part of every CTI Symposium since 14 years and has always been fully booked.
The test drives give you the opportunity to experience latest transmission technologies in real life but also vehicles with alternative drive trains. Cars can still be registered. Read more…

Hybridisation via 48 V systems: The smartest way to reduce automotive CO2 emissions?

Hybridisation via 48 V systems: The smartest way to reduce automotive CO2 emissions?

The only practical way for automobiles to meet strict CO2 reduction targets is through incremental powertrain electrification. But which concepts are most promising, and how do you get innovations into production fast? This is just one of the hot topics high calibre experts will be discussing at the 16th International CTI Symposium Berlin (4-7 December). Continue reading

Keynote Speakers 2017

Keynote Speakers 2017

Dr Stefan SommerMore gears? More intelligence! The last steps to the perfect transmission
Dr Stefan Sommer
CEO, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Germany

Wolf-Henning ScheideSystem developments for the electric powertrain
Wolf-Henning Scheider
Chairman of the Management Board and CEO, Mahle Group, Germany

Rolf NajorkHow to make Industry 4.0 a business for the powertrain industry
Rolf Najork

President of the Executive Board, Bosch Rexroth AG, Germany

Mobility for tomorrow – an integrated view on the energy and powertrain options

gutzmer Dr Wolfgang Warnecke

Prof. Dr Peter Gutzmer, Chief Technology Officer, Deputy CEO, Schaeffler AG, Germany and
Dr Wolfgang Warnecke, Chief Scientist Mobility, Shell, Germany

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Young Drive Experts Award 2017 in Berlin

Young Drive Experts Award 2017 in Berlin

Enter now and present your research topic to an audience of international automobile experts

“Scientific work and research projects need to be transferred into industrial applications. Conferences like the CTI Symposium are the ideal platform to raise the industry’s interest in our scientific achievements”. Continue reading