Programme 2017



Basics and Practice of Automotive Transmissions, Hybrid and Electric Drives


Newcomers and career changers will get an overview of the basics of conventional, hybrid and alternative drives during the Introductory Day. Based on road resistance as well as electric motor and combustion engine maps, the role of starting devices, transmissions and other drive train elements will be defined. Furthermore, the power flow of different drive concepts (conventional; parallel, serial and power-split hybrid; electric) will be explained and the corresponding development objectives presented.

Different transmission concepts, namely manual transmissions, automated manual transmissions, dual-clutch transmissions, automatic transmissions and continuously variable transmissions, will for example be illustrated in the session “Conventional Drive Train“. The topic of drive train management completes this session. The parallel seminar series “Hybrid and Electric Drives“ will deal with the basic requirements and characteristics of electric motors, power electronics and vehicle batteries.

Following the presentations, the topics of the respectively parallel sessions will be presented as summary.


Reception and hand out of the conference documents


Welcome address

kuecuekayProf. Dr Ferit Küçükay
Director of the Institute of Automotive Engineering,
Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany


Automotive drive concepts

  • Drive characteristics and driving resistances, basics of longitudinal dynamics
  • Background and function of starting devices, transmissions, hybrid and electric drives
  • Design and function of
    • conventional drive concepts
    • serial, parallel and power-split hybrid drives
    • electric drives
  • Market and development trends

Prof. Dr Ferit Küçükay


Lunch – afterwards sectioning into parallel sessions

SESSION: Conventional Drive Trains

Constructive executions I

  • Starting devices – clutch, dual-mass flywheel, torque converter
  • Transmission concepts (1):
    • manual transmission (MT): two and multiple-shaft transmission for front-wheel and standard drive
    • automated manual transmission (AMT): “add on“ and integrated solutions
    • dual-clutch transmission (DCT): DCT in serial application, introduced prototypes

Florian Schober, Research Associate, Institute of Automotive Engineering, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany


Coffee break


Constructive executions II

  • Transmission concepts (2):
    • automatic transmission (AT): different ear set arrangements, examples of application
    • continuously ariable transmission (CVT): layout, chains and belts, driveability
    • dedicated hybrid transmissions (DHT): layout, modes, examples
  • All-wheel drives

Carl-Philipp Seekamp, Research Associate, Institute of Automotive Engineering, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany


Coffee break


Drive train management

  • Drive train management and operating strategy
    • control and regulation: shifting characteristics, applications
    • interfaces – to engine, body, chassis

Dr Gunther Alvermann, Senior Research Associate, Institute of Automotive Engineering, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany


Short break


Summary of the parallel session: Basics of hybrid and electric drives


End of the Introductory Day

SESSION: Hybrid and Electric Drives

Lithium-ion batteries

  • Overview on lithium-ion batteries: design and operating principle Cathode and anode materials
  • Electrical behaviour and ageing
  • System technology (charging protocols, state diagnostics, system integration)
  • Cost and safety aspects
  • Modelling of lithium-ion batteries

Prof. Dr Julia Kowal, Chair of Electrical Energy Storage Technology, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany


Coffee break


Electric motors as vehicle drives: design, features, characteristics

  • Physical basics
  • Design and characteristics of the most important types of electric motors
  • Operation of synchronous and induction motors of the frequency converter
  • Important technical characteristics

Prof. Dr Bernd Ponick, Director of the Institute, Electrical Machines and Drive Systems Department, Institute for Drive Systems and Power Electronics, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany


Coffee break


Power electronics for hybrid and electric vehicles

  • Power electronic components and circuits
  • Assembly concepts and thermal management
  • Control of power electronic converters
  • Special considerations for vehicular applications

Prof. Dr Axel Mertens, Director of the Institute, Power Electronics and Drive Control Department, Institute for Drive Systems and Power Electronics, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany


Short break


Summary of the parallel session: Basics of conventional drive trains


End of the Introductory Day



Reception and hand out of the conference documents, opening of the Transmission Expo


Welcome address by CTI and the chairman of the Symposium

kuecuekayProf. Dr Ferit Küçükay
Director of the Institute of Automotive Engineering, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany


How to make Industry 4.0 a business for the powertrain industry

  • Seamless conversion of Industry 4.0 vision into the factory of the future
  • New industry segment specific business models
  • New products

najorkRolf Najork
President of the Executive Board, Bosch Rexroth AG, Germany


Mobility for tomorrow – an integrated view on the energy and powertrain options

  • Fuel and energy options – Well-to-Tank evaluation
  • Optimisation of the combustion engine and electrification – Tank-to-Wheel
  • Holistic view through sector-coupling

Prof. Dr Peter Gutzmer

Prof. Dr Peter Gutzmer, Chief Technology Officer, Deputy CEO, Schaeffler AG, Germany and
Dr Wolfgang Warnecke, Chief Scientist Mobility, Shell, Germany


Next generation Silicon Valley, an indicator for the mobility of tomorrow?
Are tomorrow’s simple, efficient, and reliable concepts replacing emotion and technology savvyness?

  • Is the interest in the automobile going to die?
  • Autonomous, electric, connected and ownership only by the minute?
  • Insights for the development of electrified and conventional powertrains

beikerDr Sven Beiker
Founder and Managing Director, Silicon Valley Mobility, LLC, USA;
Lecturer in Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business, USA




Short break



“How will future mobility requirements change powertrain and transmission?”

Ulrich Walter, Moderator

Dr Sven Beiker, Founder and Managing Director, Silicon Valley Mobility, LLC, USA; Lecturer in Management, Stanford Graduate School of Business, USA
Prof. Dr Peter Gutzmer, Chief Technology Officer, Deputy CEO, Schaeffler AG, Germany
Dr Uwe Keller, Director Transmission & Drivetrain, Mercedes-Benz Cars Development, Daimler AG, Germany
Roland Werner, Head of Government Affairs & Policy, DACH, Uber Germany GmbH, Germany


Coffee break and visit to the Transmission Expo | Change to parallel sessions

 Parallel sessions 
Concepts: HEV

Vario.Drive: PHEV powertrain concept for medium- and upper-class vehicles

  • Drivetrain with novel DHT (dedicated hybrid transmission)
  • Various driving modes trough new transmission concept
  • Combination with electric rear axle and high-performance battery

Dr Tobias Böhm, Head of Electrified Powertrain and
Dr Hendrik Schröder, Head of Powertrain Architectures, Volkswagen AG, Germany


TRANSCEND: an integrated hybrid, ultra-wide ratio transmission

  • Integrated PHEV/MHEV solution for in-line installations
  • Ultra-wide ratio capability to cover wide range of vehicles
  • Multi-clutch functionality with parallel axis helical gears

Neil Rayner, TRANSCEND Mechanical Lead Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover Ltd, UK


Lunch and visit to the Transmission Expo


Facing future: E-DCT hybrid dual clutch transmission

  • E-DCT hybrid dual clutch transmission development
  • E-DCT hybrid dual clutch transmission technical introduction
  • A new type of hybrid dual clutch transmission

Joachim Trumpff, Manager German Location, GETEC Getriebe Technik GmbH / JF PowerTronic Technology Co., Ltd


The 9GH-TRONIC plug-in hybrid transmission in the electrified powertrain from Mercedes-Benz

  • Development of the 9GH-TRONIC transmission
  • Highly efficient and modular hybrid powerhead
  • Powertrain integration
  • Efficiency and hybrid system application

Dr Matthias Maisch, Manager Design Hybrid Transmission & Project Manager Development Hybrid Transmission, Daimler AG, Germany


HEV P2 module concepts for different transmission architectures

  • P2 hybrid module arrangements
  • P2 clutch design considerations
  • P2 e-motor design considerations

Eckart Gold, Senior Manager, Advanced Engineering, and
Csaba Vári, Sales Engineer Europe, Borg Warner, Germany


A comprehensive system approach for future powertrain electrification

  • Global customer expectations for electrified powertrains
  • System approach based on a modular component kit
  • Examples for new customer benefits through electrification

Werner Ness, Product Manager eMobility, Magna Powertrain GmbH, Austria

Concepts: MT, AWD

Cost-affordable 6-speed manual transmission for developing countries

  • 6-speed MT for Inovar Brazil
  • Affordable 6-speed MT to meet Inovar Brazil
  • Vehicle emissions legislation: cheap and low investment 6-speed MT

Edson Luciano Duque, Engineering Group Manager, General Motors, Brasil


Objective assessment of the shift quality for manual transmissions

  • Online measurement and evaluation system
  • Static and dynamic objektive grades for gear-shifting
  • Standardised evaluation process

Johann Rutz, PhD Student, Institute of Automotive Engineering, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany and
Dr Thomas Ebner, Project Manager Drive, AVL List GmbH, Austria


Lunch and visit to the Transmission Expo


Rethinking drive axles

  • Significantly improved component efficiency
  • Unprecedented light-weighting results
  • Advanced manufacturing methods

Michael Schulte, Director, Product Engineering – Europe, AAM Germany GmbH, Germany


A paradigm shift to fuel-saving AWD in the future

  • Increasing demand for vehicle dynamics
  • Continuous power distribution when needed
  • Electrification to overcompensate CO2 impact

Walter Sackl, Director Product Management, Global Driveline Systems, Magna Powertrain AG, Austria


E-axle family in coaxial and offset arrangement

  • From theory to series production
  • Schaeffler e-axle roadmap – future with system(s)

Benjamin Daniel, Vice President Electric Axle Systems, Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG, Germany


Integrated electric transaxle and electric rear drive module for passenger vehicles

  • Integrated electric transaxle and its advantages
  • Integrated electric rear drive module with disconnect
  • FWD application and AWD applications

Ping Yu, Chairman & CEO, Powertrain Chief Engineer, Jing-Jin Electric Technologies, China

Components: Switching Elements, Actuation, Sensors, Electric Components

Optimisation of wet clutches in automatic transmissions by use of different types of springs

  • Influence of cushion and separating springs on the shift comfort
  • Use of separating springs for piston return
  • Interaction of the spring types with each other
  • Comparison in terms of comfort, space and drag torque

Dr Jörgen Schulz, General Manager Business Unit Transmission Springs, Mubea Tellerfedern GmbH, Germany


Development techniques of high efficiency with low drag torque automatic transmission friction disk

  • Wet clutch
  • CFD modeling simulation
  • Reduction of fuel consumption

Dr Shahjada Pahlovy, Technical Team Leader, Advanced Technology Development Team, Dynax Corporation, Japan


Lunch and visit to the Transmission Expo


Innovative concepts for shifting elements using the example two-speed electric axle

  • Electric performance axle with torque vectoring function
  • Implementation of a concept for shifting element “Twin Cone”
  • Implementation of a concept for “Disconnect Clutch Carrier”

Peter Echtler, Head of Advanced Engineering, Hoerbiger Antriebstechnik Holding GmbH, Germany


New fast-acting low-noise actuator technology for hybrid and electrical vehicles

  • Model-based actuator and dog clutch design
  • Improved dynamics through actuator gear set optimisation
  • Dog geometry based trajectory planning for NVH reduction
  • Verification and validation of shifting performance on DHT

Oscar Sarmiento, Head of Advanced Development, Continental AG, Germany


The slim synchroniser: save space, gain strength

  • Installation space gain of as much as 20 %
  • Greater strength for synchroniser hubs
  • Scalable pre-synchronisation forces

Ottmar Back, Senior Vice President, Strategic Business Unit Drive Technology, Hoerbiger Antriebstechnik Holding GmbH, Germany


The impact of scalable electrical oil pump solutions on the transmission architecture and efficiency

  • Electrical transmission oil pump family
  • Platform based scalable solutions
  • Solutions for high efficiency transmissions

Dr Erkan Arslan, Development Engineer, Product Segment Powertrain, Bühler Motor GmbH, Germany

48 Volt

Solutions for modular hybridisation of FWD DCTs

  • Challenges of different hybrid architectures
  • Trade-offs modularity, package, functionality
  • Solutions through new architectures

Dr Gereon Hellenbroich, Department Manager Design and CAE, Transmission Systems, FEV Europe GmbH, Germany


Modular low cost 48 V P4 system for front- and 4-wheel-drive architectures: a customer plug-in hybrid

  • Low cost 48 V P4 hybrid
  • Fuel consumption reduction with lowest cost
  • 48 V electric driving

Dr Paul Kapus, Manager Gasoline Engine Development, AVL List GmbH, Austria


Lunch and visit to the Transmission Expo


48 V advanced hybrids: mild and smart for better electrification

  • 48 V P2 powertrain electrification
  • Connectivity

Dr Stefan Lauer, Project Manager, Powertrain Technology & Innovation, Continental AG, Germany


Low voltage hybridisation: how to lower costs, enhance CO2 benefits and transmission impacts

  • Low-voltage board net
  • Hybridisation functions and assisted electric boosting
  • Energy optimisation and transmission impacts

Philippe Hamon, R&D and Product Marketing Director,, Valeo, France


AVL DynoShift II: low-cost modular powershifted transmission for complete electrification range

  • One transmission for applications from 12 V to PHEV
  • Hysteresis motor-brake for robust launch
  • Powershifting with single dry clutch
  • Torque-filled engine start from zero vehicle speed

Vitaly Davydov, Design Engineer Transmission, AVL List GmbH, Austria

EV Transmission, High-Voltage

800 V: key for long range and high power e-mobility

  • 800 V basis for real fast charging
  • Realisation of high power
  • Measures and advantages in the vehicle
  • Transmissions for e-vehicles

Dr Klaus Küpper, Executive Chief Engineer, System, Software & Vehicle, AVL List GmbH, Austria


Design opportunities and challenges of battery electric vehicles

  • Charge requirements (exp. voltage level)
  • Efficiency influences
  • Battery temperature operating conditions
  • Powertrain availability

Dr Fabian Schüppel, Project Engineer, IAV GmbH, Germany


Lunch and visit to the Transmission Expo


Development of a high-efficiency single-speed transmission for performance electric drive applications

  • Motorsport efficiency developments in modelling and implementation
  • Architecture selection and gear geometry optimisation
  • Continuous material and component innovation

Dr Maik Hoppert, Engineering Specialist – Tribology & Low Carbon, Romax Technology Ltd, UK


Ultra-lightweight design of a single speed EV transmission

  • Trading off NVH, efficiency and durability
  • Extreme light weighting using structural polymers
  • Using light weighting to solve NVH challenges

George Scott, Chief Engineer, Design, Drive System Design Ltd, UK


Highly integrated HDU with advanced gear set structure

  • Planetary gear set
  • Dual inverter
  • Cooling concept

Peter Janssen, Manager Hybrid Drive Systems, FEV Europe Group, Germany

Oils, Lubrication, Efficiency

Lubricant technology for hybrid electric vehicle automatic transmissions

  • Introduction to new fluid technology for HEV
  • Electrical properties, conductivity, dielectric strength
  • Strong anti-corrosion characteristics
  • Compatibility with e-motor/magnet wire insulation

Dr Michael Gahagan, Technology Manager, Driveline Additives, Lubrizol, UK


Low viscosity universal fluids as a solution for e-mobility application

  • General transmission market trends incl. e-mobility visions
  • Formulation challenges of universal transmission fluids under today’s fluid requirements
  • Formulation requirements in 2025 and beyond

Max Weskamm, Project Manager Transmission Fluids, Shell Global Solutions Deutschland GmbH, Germany


Lunch and visit to the Transmission Expo


Low cost, low drag passive lubrication system developed with smoothed particle hydrodynamics

  • The design of a novel low cost passive lubrication system
  • Brand new approach to fluid modelling
  • Real world correlation of computation fluid models

Matthew Hole, Head of Design, Drive System Design Ltd, UK


Friction and wear control of transmission fluids

  • Screening methods to evaluate clutch and gear friction and wear
  • Effect of different friction modifiers and base fluids
  • New group V base fluid

Dr Gareth Moody, Applications Specialist, Lubricants, Croda Europe, UK


High-performance friction systems for active torque management

  • Requirements of state-of-the-art powertrains
  • Technology core values of friction systems
  • Development methods and tools
  • Simulation of friction systems for virtual system development outlook

Falk Nickel, Head of R&D, Miba Frictec, Austria

Shifting, Operating Strategy, Benchmarking

Novel gear selection algorithm without shift maps

  • Gear selection for connected and autonomous vehicles
  • Unique definition of the driver accelerator pedal input
  • Reduction of calibration efforts for gear selection

Muammer Yolga, Department Manager, Transmission Software, System & Simulation, AVL List GmbH, Austria


A quantitative method for the selection of gears ratios for a P2 hybrid DCT

  • An approach for identifying the ideal gear ratios for a PHEV
  • The influence of PHEV operational modes on ratio selection
  • Determination of the optimum number of gears for a PHEV

Dr Andrew Lockyer, Principal CAE Engineer, Transmission Design, Changan UK R&D Centre Ltd., UK


Lunch and visit to the Transmission Expo


Advanced benchmarking analysis tool J-BAT

  • The importance of benchmarking and target setting for calibration
  • Newly developed advanced automated tool for benchmarking
  • Examples of outstanding functions and benefits obtained by the J-BAT

Guillaume Le Fessant, Benchmarking Project Leader, Jatco France SAS, France


Improving gear shift quality in a PHEV DCT with integrated PMSM

  • Modeling of a hybrid 7-speed DCT for shift quality
  • Position control of synchronisers
  • Speed and torque control of PMSM
  • Supervisory control for shift quality improvement

Muddassar Zahid Piracha, PhD Student, Electric Propulsion Systems, CEVT AB, Sweden


Utilisation of V2X communication for AWD disconnect control strategies

  • DSRC hardware and system overview
  • Enhancement of safety and performance
  • Implementation of control strategies
  • Further developments

Blake Brown, Senior Product Engineer, Driveline and
Matt Griffith, Senior Product Engineering, McLaren Engineering, USA


Comparing the regenerative braking efficiency of various HEV architectures

  • Regenerative braking with shifting
  • Regenerative braking efficiency
  • Parallel, power split architecture

Walter Ortmann, Technical Expert, Electrified Powertrain Systems, R&A, Ford, USA

Concepts: CVT, NVH

Pushbelt CVT integration in 48 V system

  • Benefits of CVT electrification
  • 48 V system implemented in a small demo-vehicle with CVT
  • Challenges in hardware integration for hybrid vehicles

Dr Esin Ilhan Caarls, Electrical System Engineer, Transmission/Engineering, Bosch Transmission Technology, The Netherlands


A new torque converter CVT fit for moving market requirements

  • Ratio coverage and efficiency improvements
  • New hydraulic concept
  • Versatile driving functions
  • Hybrid ready

Arnout De Maré, Controls Engineer, Punch Powertrain, Belgium


Lunch and visit to the Transmission Expo


The CVT pushbelt reinvented for future compact and efficient powertrains

  • New innovative pushbelt concept for the future
  • New element design and loop configuration
  • 40 % reduction in variator loss
  • 12 % reduction in packaging, 10 % reduction in transmission weight

Markus Kunze, Vice President Engineering, Bosch Transmission Technology, The Netherlands


Virtual driveability and NVH development of HEV impulse start from concept to SOP

  • HEV impulse start challenging re time allowed and driveability
  • New simulation enables early specification of HW system
  • Model based control of AT, e-motor, separation clutch & ICE
  • Virtually quantify & optimise impulse start driveability

Dr Stephen Jones, Principal Product Manager Systems, System Engineering Powertrain Electrification, AVL List GmbH, Austria


Impact force modeling for rattle noise in automotive gearbox supported by experimental analysis

  • Test rig setup
  • Impact force characterisation
  • Correlation with dynamic model

Yoshitaka Mukai, Team Leader, Scientific Analysis Engineering Department, Aisin AW Co., Ltd, Japan


Coffee break and visit to the Transmission Expo, change to the Plenary Hall


CLEPA WtW approach for the CO2 post-2020 emissions

  • CO2 post-2020 emissions
  • Advantages and challenges of a Well-to-Wheel CO2 regulation
  • Well-to-Wheel methodology

codaAlessandro Coda
Chief Technology Officer,
CLEPA – The European Association of Automotive Suppliers, Belgium


Google‘s perspective & food for thought for the use in the field of drives – Machine Learning, AI & “Cloud”

  • A classification – What does Google‘s research team do with Machine Learning? – Ideas for use (energy efficiency, comfort optimisation, etc.)

Marc Ritter,
EMEA Automotive Partnerships,
Google Germany GmbH




End of the lecture programme, day one


Start of the evening event



Opening of the Transmission Expo


Welcome address

kuecuekayProf. Dr Ferit Küçükay
Director of the Institute of Automotive Engineering,
Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany


More gears? More intelligence! The last steps to the perfect transmission

  • Future CO2 targets cannot be achieved without electrification
  • However, the internal combustion engine will continue to be a mainstay of mobility throughout the world
  • In order to further increase efficiency in conventional drives, what is needed is not more gears in the transmission but more intelligence in the integrated driveline

sommerDr Stefan Sommer
ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Germany


E-mobility in commercial vehicles

  • Challenges in drive train development

nielsenAnders Nielsen
Chief Technical Officer,
Volkswagen Truck & Bus AB, Sweden


First 7-speed DCT developed and produced in China

  • Product orientation and target
  • Technical highlights
  • Process ability
  • Testing

Lipeng ZhengLipeng Zheng
Vice President and Project Director,
Great Wall Motor Transmission Research Institute, China




Presentation of the winners

The authors who submitted the best Bachelor, Master or PhD theses in the field of transmission and drive technology selected by the expert committee will be introduced. The awarded theses will also be presented live on site.

Further information about the CTI Young Drive Experts Award:


Coffee break and visit to the Transmission Expo | Change to parallel sessions

11.00  Parallel sessions 


Dedicated Hybrid Transmission (DHT)

Vario.Drive: Dedicated Hybrid Transmission

  • Novel active transmission (DHT) with high-performance electric motor and form-fitting coupling elements
  • Four fixed rations (ICE), five EM-gears and two variable ranges
  • Reduced mechanical complexity and costs, high functionality

Rainer Petersen, Manager Active Transmission, Volkswagen AG, Germany


Development of hardware for multi stage hybrid transmission control

  • Development objectives
  • Structure and basic specifications
  • Hardware design for multi stage hybrid transmission control

Kota Fujii, Assistant Manager, Hybrid Vehicle Drivetrain Development, Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan


The new DHT from Alliance Renault/Nissan

  • Presentation of the gearbox (GB) structure: global approach optimisation
  • Design presentation of the new electric oil pump (EOP) generation
  • Global performance result: position in benchmark

Antoine Vignon, Chief Engineer for Hybrid GB Development, Renault, France


Lunch and visit to the Transmission Expo


Cost efficient powertrain for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)

  • PHEV powertrain state of the art
  • Low cost PHEV approach
  • Powertrain design
  • Cost analysis and evaluation

Dr Kiarash Sabzewari, Project Manager, Powertrain Technology & Innovation, Continental AG, Germany


PHEVplus: a unique Dedicated Hybrid Transmission (DHT) for plug-in hybrid applications

  • Adaptable DHT for all vehicle classes
  • 10 operation modes for highest efficiency and max. performance
  • Optimised for costs, weight and packaging

Sven Herber, Programme Manager – Advanced Driveline Systems Development, GKN Driveline International GmbH, Germany


High-performance Dedicated Hybrid Transmission (DHT) for the future

  • Dedicated Hybrid Transmission
  • Systematic development toolchain
  • Highly integrated electric motor

Jens Liebold, Technical consultant, TS-D3, Transmission, E-Motor & Hybrid Systems, IAV GmbH, Germany

Concepts: DCT, AT

Development topics of a new single layshaft 7-speed DCT

  • Compact 7-speed DCT with large ratio coverage
  • Vehicle packaging with the single layshaft topology
  • Functional testing of vehicle launch process

Dr Alex Serrarens, Manager Business Development, Punch Powertrain, The Netherlands


General Motors’ all new Global Front 9-speed automatic transmission (GF9)

  • New selectable one way clutch
  • Small gear steps
  • Compact design

Henning Fischer, Chief Engineer and Program Manager/GM Automatic Transmission, Adam Opel GmbH, Germany


CO2 potentials for further development of the 8HP transmission kit

  • Updated analysis of sources of losses in automatic transmission
  • Possible improvements on component level
  • Possible potentials in shift sequence
  • 8HP concept vs. increase of gears

Andreas Donges, Project Manager, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Germany


Lunch and visit to the Transmission Expo


Aisin AW’s new generation 8-speed transverse automatic transmission

  • Development concept
  • New technologies focusing on fuel economy
  • Improved functional performance

Masashi Kito, Deputy General Manager, Aisin AW Co., Ltd, Japan


The new automatic transmissions for BMW drivetrains in transverse architecture

  • First application of a DCT in BMW’s UKL (entry class)
  • Evolutionary development of the 8-speed torque-converter AT

Dr Nikolaj Klingemann, Head of Development Dual Clutch Transmissions Front-Wheel Drive, BMW AG, Germany


Innovative technologies and experimental analysis of Toyota’s new 8-speed automatic transaxle

  • The major features, adopted techniques and performance
  • Development that incorporated TNGA (Toyota’s New Global Architecture) concept
  • Experimental analysis that establish innovative techniques

Yu Sasaki, Assistant Manager, Transmission Experiment & Analysis, Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan

Components: Starting Elements, Damper

Clutch-by-Wire, a technology for upcoming manual transmission systems

  • Motivation for Clutch-by-Wire
  • Requirements for Clutch-by-Wire systems
  • Additional functions for Clutch-by-Wire systems

Jörg Buhl, Manager Development, Passenger Car Drivetrain Actuator System Design, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Germany


Hybrid actuation needs: Energy consumption efficient electro-mechanical clutch actuator

  • Hybrid architectures with disconnecting clutch (dry or wet type)
  • Enabler for manual transmission hybridisation
  • Clutch actuator: typologies and new concepts
  • Actuator energy efficiency comparison on RTE & WLTP

Pascal Maurel, eActuation Systems and Control Laws Manager, Valeo, France


Dual wet clutches for hybrid powertrains, challenges for packaging and fuel efficiency optimisation

  • Hybrid architectures general introduction
  • Dual wet clutches architectures, and impact on fuel efficiency
  • P2 hybrid dual clutches modules architectures
  • Packaging, fuel efficiency and modularity challenges

Olivier Simon, R&D Director Dual Clutches Product Line, Valeo Powertrain Systems, France


Lunch and visit to the Transmission Expo


The heating and cooling performance analysis of wet clutch with real 3D shape in transmission

  • Heating and cooling performance analysis of wet clutch
  • Fluid-structure analysis for the optimal clutch shape
  • Test verification under transmission shift condition

Sang-Min Park, Research Engineer, Advanced Design Team, Hyundai Powertech, Korea


Pendulum dampers for transmissions: why should we review some preconceived ideas?

  • Pendulum over-tuning/under-tuning
  • Tautochronic path
  • Clutch friction disk

Dr Hervé Mahe, NVH Senior Expert, Valeo Transmission, France


Condition monitoring by wear estimation for dry clutches in vehicles

  • Wear modelling
  • Wear experiments on the transmission test bench
  • Health state diagnosis and remaining life time prediction

Daniel Strommenger, Research Assistant, Institute of Energy and Automation Technology, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

Battery, Energy Storage

Safety design activities for battery systems

  • Battery safety
  • Battery system safety development
  • Safety testing

Chong Jo Cha, Lead of Development, LG Chem Europe GmbH, Germany


Electric vehicles battery technology and charging strategies – an optimisation approach

  • Newest EV battery technology supports long EV range
  • DC fast charge enables long distance travel
  • Implications for battery technology and infrastructure
  • Balanced approach required for market and business success

Roland Matthé, GM Technical Fellow Global Battery Systems & Manager Electrification Architecture, Adam Opel GmbH, Germany


Presentation on battery aging

Dirk-Uwe Sauer, Professor for Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Systems, Institute for Current Inverter Technology and Electric Drives (ISEA), RWTH Aachen, Germany

Details tbd


Lunch and visit to the Transmission Expo


Competitive cell-production in Europe with the expect of increased performance and falling prices

  • The way to sustainable competitiveness in Li-ion cell-production in Europe

Holger Gritzka, CEO, TerraE Holding GmbH, Germany


Influence of cell size and system design to cost of Lithium-Ion batteries for automotive applications

  • Design of battery cells, cost models for batteries

Prof. Dr Thomas Vietor, Head of Institute for Engineering Design, Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany


What should the automotive industry learn from other battery application sectors?

  • New technology
  • New markets
  • Producers

Sven Bauer, Founder + CEO, BMZ Group, Germany


Energy efficiency benchmarking within automotive factories

  • Analysis, evaluation and development of existing and new approaches of energy-efficiency-benchmarking within automotive factories
  • Outlook for powertrain factories

Dominik Flick, Energy-Management, Adam Opel GmbH, Germany


Design and production of innovative transmission components with additive manufacturing (AM)

  • Application of additive manufacturing in transmission
  • Design for additive manufacturing
  • Mechanical properties of AM parts

Dr Gerd Kotthoff, Director Advanced Gear Technology, GKN Sinter Metals Engineering GmbH, Germany and
Marc Kluge, General Manager Drivetrain Design, Porsche Engineering Services GmbH, Germany


Higher integration in xEV powertrains through powder metal

  • Concept studies
  • Design freedom by near net shaping
  • New joining technologies

Dr Philipp Kauffmann, Research and Innovation Manager, Stackpole Powertrain, Germany


Lunch and visit to the Transmission Expo


A new non-contact measurement method for moving parts

  • Background: motivation for developing the new method
  • Measuring method for length of CVT chain pins at rotating
  • Measurement result which obtained accuracy for application

Yuji Takahashi, Manager, Advanced Technology Development, Jatco Ltd, Japan


Investigation of thin film sensor systems for power train applications

  • Measurement of load in heavily loaded regions

Dr Saskia Biehl, Head of Group, Micro and Sensor Technology, Fraunhofer IST, Germany


Autonomous feedback control for process chains in mass production of bearing cages

  • The idea of negative hardening distortions
  • A shortened process chain
  • The elimination of hard machining

Maruan Shanib, Head of Department Machines and Monitoring, Institute for Production Engineering and Machine Tools, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany

Commercial Vehicles

Development of an integrated electric axle for MD trucks for urban distribution traffic

  • System specification
  • Design of E-axle with integrated components
  • Cooling and lubrication system

Jürgen Tochtermann, Lead Engineer, AVL Commercial Driveline & Tractor Engineering GmbH, Austria


Development of an 8-speed automatic transmission for medium-duty trucks and buses

  • Market analysis and identification specific requirements
  • Evaluation different transmission concepts
  • Implementation and verification in the prototype

Frank Sauter, Head of Design AT, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Germany


Development of highly functional dual-clutch transmissions for future commercial vehicles

  • Influence of future power train trends on the transmission
  • Methodology for defining optimal transmission structures
  • Solutions for highly functional dual-clutch transmissions
  • Comparison with other transmission technologies

Rico Resch, Project Manager, TS-D3, Transmission, E-Motor and Hybrid Systems, IAV GmbH, Germany


Lunch and visit to the Transmission Expo


Mercedes-Benz e-truck – heavy duty distribution for city logistics

  • E-mobility for commercial vehicles
  • E-truck
  • Future distribution

Martin Zeilinger, Director Advanced Engineering Truck, Daimler AG, Germany


Dedicated e-mobility transmission

  • Basic build up
  • No torque interruption gearshift
  • No friction elements
  • Powering PTO and auxiliary

Mikael Bergquist, Senior Engineer, Transmission Development, Scania CV AB, Sweden


The electric powertrain of the VW e-Crafter

  • Electric powertrain for zero emission driving in cities
  • Modification of PC BEV modules for LCV
  • Passenger compartment air condition with PC comfort assistance ystems with electric powertrain in LCV

Dr Andreas Kracke, Head of Development Aggregate, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Germany

CO2, Markets, RDE

The future of urban mobility

  • New era of urban mobility through digital revolution
  • Effects on the city: traffic, air pollution, parking spaces, social integration

Roland Werner, Head of Government Affairs & Policy, DACH, Uber Germany GmbH, Germany


Comprehensive e-Mobility: what is feasible and what makes sense?

  • Scenarios for future personal mobility
  • Evaluation of ecological, technical and economic feasibility
  • Future penetration of ICE, (P)HEV, BEV

Dr Karsten Wasiluk, Assistant Director Automotive & Transport, Schlegel und Partner, Germany


RDE: requirements for comparable emission measurements on public roads

  • Measurement and installation
  • Process Evaluation
  • Driver and profile
  • Boundary conditions

Pascal Mast, Business Line Manager Emissions, TÜV SÜD Auto Service GmbH, Germany


Lunch and visit to the Transmission Expo


Megatrends and their impact on development service providers

  • Interface and integration complexity of modern drivetrains
  • Megatrends in the automotive industry and its impact on the drivetrain
  • Future requirements for a modern development service provider

Marc Kluge, General Manager Drivetrain Design, Porsche Engineering Services GmbH, Germany


Customer vehicle utilisation of Volvo’s XC90: analysis of customer diagnostic readout data (DRO)

  • Need for DRO and anonymity
  • Analysis of customer diagnostic readout data
  • Market differences, etc.
  • Customer profile and vehicle validation

Sahak Margossian, CAE Engineer, Volvo Car Corporation, Sweden


Changes in OEM R&D organisations due to electrification of powertrains

  • Challenges of HW vs SW development
  • Consequences for the development organisation
  • Potential solution – function-oriented organisations

Ulf König, Project Manager, Strategy Engineers GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Concepts: EV

Electric vehicle automatic 2-speed electric transmission system (2ETS) research and development

  • China EV transmission development status
  • Effect of 2ETS gear ratios on vehicle performance
  • 2ETS new technology research and application

Prof. Dr Yong Chen, Professor, Senior Chief Engineer, Hebei University of Technology, Geely, China



A 48 V electro-mechanically actuated multi-speed EV transmission with integrated electric machines

  • Low-cost actuation of electric vehicle/hybrid drivetrains
  • Advanced control methods for mechanical optimisation
  • Integrating software functions in one electronic controller

Marco Fracchia, Operations Manager,  Vocis Limited, UK


Presentation of a multispeed gearbox for a BEV increasing the efficiency and power density

  • Multispeed gearbox for BEV
  • Increasing the power density
  • Highspeed drivetrain for BEV

Uwe Reichert, Scientific Assistant, IPEK – Institute of Product Engineering, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany



Lunch and visit to the Transmission Expo


Fully automated EOL e-drive testing

  • From pre-production to high-speed serial production
  • Automation and modularity for efficient testing solutions
  • Solutions and experiences from realised projects

Ralph Heckmann, Vice President Sales Automotive, teamtechnik Maschinen und Anlagen GmbH, Germany



New type multi-speed e-drive system: introduction and test report

  • Advantages and difficulties of the single motor with multi-speed gear reducer
  • A scheme introduction to the dual-motors with multi-speed gear reducer
  • The control strategy of the dual-motors with multi-speed gear reducer
  • Summary of advantages and disadvantages of the dual-motors with multi-speed gear reducer

Chunzhe Sun, Deputy GM, JEE Power Systems Co., Ltd, China


Holistic investigations on the innovative high-speed power train Speed2E for electric vehicles

  • High-speed powertrain for EVs
  • Efficiency
  • NVH
  • Speed2E

Martin Sedlmair, Research Assistant, Gear Research Centre (FZG), Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany


Quiet efficient and power dense traction epicyclic transmission for high-speed motors in EV

  • Benefits of a traction epicyclic
  • How to design for high efficiency
  • A traction epicyclic in an A segment vehicle

David Yates, Senior Design Engineer, Drive System Design Ltd, UK



Coffee break and visit to the Transmission Expo | Change to plenum


CVT for the electrification of the drivetrain

  • FE improvement for more affordable electrified drivetrain systems
  • Shifting function for enhanced FE and smoothness of EV/Plug-in HEV
  • Jatco contributes affordable electrification and EV/Plug-in HEV

Tatsuya OsoneTatsuya Osone
Vice President Advanced Technology Development and CTO,
Jatco Ltd, Japan


System developments for the electric powertrain

  • Electric powertrain
  • System efficiency
  • Thermal management

ScheiderWolf-Henning Scheider
Chairman of the Management Board and CEO,
Mahle Group, Germany




Summary of the key messages and final discussion with the attendees
Prof. Dr Ferit Küçükay


End of the lecture programme, day two

7 Dezember 2017
ADAC Center of Driving Safety Berlin-Brandenburg/Linthe

An ounce of experience is worth a ton of theory

Take the opportunity and experience new types of drives and transmissions yourself at the ride & drive on December 7th. New developments of transmission and drive research can be tried and tested exclusively in up to 25 vehicles on the test track in Linthe. Ask detailed questions to the engineers of the vehicles while driving yourself! The real live experience deepens the conference knowledge and connects theory and practice of the technology.


Departure with the shuttle service from Estrel Hotel Berlin to ADAC Fahrsicherheitszentrum Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH, Am Kalkberg, 14822 Linthe


Arrival at the ADAC Centre of Driving Safety and welcome address
Tour around the proving ground and instruction


Start of the ride & drive


End of the ride & drive and departure to the Estrel Hotel Berlin


Arrival at the hotel

Please be flexible when planning your return journey.
Please wear comfortable shoes and warm clothes! Limited number of participants. Register early!

Wednesday, 6 December 2017 – 12.00 – 5.00 p.m

We kindly ask all registered participants and persons accompanying test vehicles to check in for the CTI Test Drive at our special Check-In desk at the Estrel Hotel Berlin. Please bring your completed declaration of non-liability (provided by CTI in advance) and a German or an International driving licence with you. Please let us know if you will be using our bus shuttle to Linthe or if you will be making your own travel arrangements. All important information concerning the ride and drive will be handed out at the Check-In.


Would you like to provide a car for the CTI Test Drive?

Get details how to register a vehicle here
For more information please contact Anna Hofmann