Truck transmissions – an important component in tomorrow’s powertrains

Truck transmissions – an important component in tomorrow’s powertrains

To further improve efficiency, meet CO2 legislation and comply with local inner-city transport requirements, truck transmissions have a special role to play in optimizing drive trains and enabling new propulsion systems. Two aspects are particularly important: evolving conventional transmission technology, and developing the new transmissions that electric drives require.

Conventional drive train transmissions will still be a key part of tomorrow’s optimized drive trains, often combined with electrification. Transmission variance will need to be planned and controlled to keep engines in their efficiency sweet spot, while good driveability calls for transmissions that shift either quickly or seamlessly. The lecture series will present new developments in this field in automatic transmissions, DCTs and dedicated transmissions for E-Mobility.

<h3>market volumes for electric truck drivescan not predicted accurately</h3>

While nobody can predict market volumes for electric truck drives accurately, they will grow particularly in inner cities as enablers of local emissions-free mobility. We will definitely need to ensure modularity and exploit cross-industry synergies (e.g. with passenger car applications) for various electric drive components, including the transmission. But as we now know, electric drives for light and heavier commercial vehicles have their own specific requirements. Hence, components from other applications will need to be adapted and tuned accordingly in terms of key parameters such as durability, build volume, cost and NFZ-specific energy management. In the lecture series at the 16th CTI Symposium, leading figures from the commercial vehicle industry will talk about these complex requirements and present outstanding technical solutions.

The lectures will present production or pre-series solutions that document the feasibility of using light-to-heavy electric trucks for inner city delivery work. They will also show that transmissions still have an important role to play in tomorrow’s drive train configurations.

The Commercial Vehicles’ series comprises the following lectures:

  • Developing an Integrated Electric Axle for Inner City Delivery Trucks;  Jürgen Tochtermann, Lead Engineer, AVL Commercial Driveline & Tractor Engineering GmbH, Austria
  • Developing an 8-speed Automatic Transmission for Medium-duty Trucks and Buses;  Frank Sauter, Head of Construction AT Getriebe, ZF Friedrichshafen AG
  • Developing High Functionality DCTs for the Trucks of Tomorrow;  Rico Resch, Project Head, TS-D3, Transmission, E-Motor and Hybrid Systems, IAV GmbH
  • Mercedes-Benz Urban E-Truck – Heavy-duty Truck for Local Freight Distribution;  Martin Zeilinger, Head of Advance Development / Trucks, Daimler AG
  • Dedicated Transmission for E-Mobility;  Mikael Bergquist, Senior Engineer, Transmission Development, Scania CV AB, Sweden
  • The Electric Drive of the VW E-Crafter;  Dr. Andreas Kracke, Head of Development Aggregate Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

Please see our brochure for full details of the lectures at the 16th CTI Symposium: