What Drives Will Automobiles Use in 2030?

What Drives Will Automobiles Use in 2030?

14th International CTI Symposium Automotive Transmissions, HEV and EV Drives,
7 – 10 December 2015, Estrel Hotel, Berlin

Transmission and drive developers are working harder than ever to reduce consumption and C02 levels cost effectively, and to meet the challenges of integration, connectivity and automation. To achieve emission regulation targets, conventional drives are continuously being optimized; various levels of electrification are a must – and so is the wide range of transmissions and drives needed for tailor-made solutions in specific markets and vehicle segments. How do we respond to these deep changes in the automobile industry? At the 14th International CTI Symposium Automotive Transmissions, HEV and EV Drives (7 – 10 December 2015), top international experts will be discussing exactly that in 110 specialist lectures and 16 series of parallel lectures. The symposium chair is Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ferit Küçükay (Director Institute for Automotive Engineering, TU Braunschweig). The specialist exhibition Transmission Expo accompanies the main program on December 8 and 9.

Topics and experts at the 14th International CTI Symposium

There is fierce competition between automatic, DCT and stepless transmissions in terms of comfort, driveability, consumption, dynamics and costs. Once again, the symposium will be showing the latest developments and asking which concepts markets and OEMs will opt for, and what new trends are on the horizon in the sector of manual transmissions and all-wheel drive systems. For the first time, Dedicated Hybrid Transmissions (DHTs) will be categorized and will be discussed separately in an expert forum. The influence of automated driving on drive systems will likewise be addressed for the first time in this forum. Other key topics include how legal and market-specific influences and general parameters impact on drive and transmission development, novel HEV and BEV concepts, 12V and 48V hybrid systems, optimisations in the field of NVH, components to further reduce CO2 emissions, developments in the light and heavy truck sector, and flexible and efficient production and manufacturing in an international context. Prominent experts and keynote speakers include Dr Eckhard Scholz (Chief Executive Officer, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles), Gerald Killmann (Vice President R&D2, Toyota Motor Europe), Dr Robert Fischer (Executive Vice President Engineering and Technology Powertrain Systems, AVL List GmbH), Larry Nitz (Executive Director, General Motors), Wolfgang Müller-Pietralla (Head ofCorporate Foresight, Volkswagen AG), Dr Rolf Leonhard (Executive Vice President Robert Bosche Egineering GmbH, Robert Bosch GmbH) and Dr Peter Rieth (former Senior Vice President Systems & Technology and Member of the Management Board Division Chassis & Safety, Continental AG, Deutschland).

Electric automobiles: a long-term niche model?

As far back as 2011, there was controversy at the CTI symposium about whether the future belonged to electric automobiles, or whether they were doomed to failure. Four years down the road the debate continues, fuelled by fresh insights from recent years. The following experts will bring their different viewpoints to the podium discussion: Dr Wolfgang Ziebart (former Engineering Director, Jaguar Land Rover) and Prof. Dr Friedrich Indra (Honorary Professor and Advisor), ), Prof. Dr Peter Gutzmer (Vice Chairman of the Executive Board Research and Development, Schaeffler AG), Prof. Dr Jürgen Stockmar (Business Consultant and Lecturer at TU Wien), , Michael Schöffmann (Head of Transmission Development, Audi AG) and Jörg Grotendorst (CEO eCar Powertrain Systems, Siemens AG). The panel will be chaired by Ulrich Walter and Rolf Najork (COO, Heraeus Holding GmbH).

Introductory Seminars, 7th CTI Young Drive Expert Award and CTI Test Drive

Day One of the 14th International CTI Symposium – 7 December 2015 – offers a choice of two introductory seminars that run in parallel. ’Basics and Practice of Automotive Transmissions, Hybrid and Electric Drives’ provides an entry-level overview of conventional, hybrid and electric automobile drives for newcomers and specialists from other fields; the seminar ’Practical Introduction to the Functional Safety of Automobile Drives and Transmissions according to ISO 26262’ is new this year, and includes many real-life examples to shed light on this important topic. To underscore the importance of up-and-coming talent, the 7th CTI Young Drive Expert Award (9 December) will once again honour outstanding current undergraduate, masters and doctorate papers from transmission and drive technology students. To round off the 14th International CTI Symposium, participants can experience and compare the latest transmission concepts and prototypes from international manufacturers and suppliers themselves at the CTI Test Drive (10 December, ADAC Driving Safety Centre Berlin).

The CTI Symposium 2014

In 2014, over 1,350 experts from 28 countries attended the CTI Symposium in Berlin. More than 35 percent of participants were from non-German speaking countries. At the satellite exhibition Transmission Expo, 130 companies presented their latest products and developments to a specialist audience.

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