The automotive industry and especially the powertrain developers are under considerable strain due to the discussion on the discrepancy between drive cycle fuel consumption and real driving fuel consumption. This also includes the gap between drive cycle emissions and real emissions.

Two packages of measures will deal with those problems:

  1. The introduction of realistic fuel consumption cycles and emissions tests, such as WLTP and RDE as well as
  2. an increase in propulsion efficiency through electrification up to pure electric drives.

China, the world’s largest automotive market, is the most important driver for electromobility. The quota for electric cars to be introduced by 2018 and the tighter emissions limits show that a wide use of electric cars will be reality in China.

Internal combustion engines, however, will still be used in many vehicles in the foreseeable future, not only in PHEV. Additionally, there is the rapid development – worldwide – in the fields of automated driving and connectivity, which have a significant influence on the drive train.

Our 2017 symposia in China and Germany will take those developments into account and cover the following topics:

  • market-specific constraints and impacts on drivetrain and transmission development
  • new concepts of transmissions, starting devices, drivetrain topologies, components, energy storage devices as well as of control and display elements for passenger car and commercial vehicle drivetrains
  • oil, lubrication
  • powertrain integration and connectivity, operating strategy, impact of automated driving on the drivetrain
  • software development, safety and security
  • development tools, manufacturing technologies, lightweight design

The conference is intended for all system and components suppliers, manufacturers of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, engineering service providers and software developers as well as market specialists. We are looking forward to your presentation proposals for our 6th CTI Symposium in Shanghai and the 16th CTI Symposium in Berlin.

Best regards

kuecuekay zenzinger_sylvia

Chairman of the Symposium
Prof. Dr Ferit Küçükay, Managing Director, Institute of Automotive Engineering, Technische Universität Braunschweig
Managing Director CTI Transmission Symposia
Sylvia Zenzinger, Conference Director, CTI Transmission Symposia, Car Training Institute