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Power Transmission Engineering is the magazine for mechanical components, written for engineers involved with the design, specification and purchase of power transmission components, including gears, bearings, electric motors, couplings, clutches, brakes, fluid power and more. Subscribe for FREE at



Die technische Fachzeitschrift POWERWORLD für mobile Antriebstechnik und Energiemanagement berichtet in klar gegliederten, übersichtlichen Rubriken in Form von Reportagen, Produktberichten, Marktübersichten, Firmenportraits und Fachbeiträgen. Weiterhin kommen Experten aus Wissenschaft, Forschung und Entwicklung mobiler Antriebstechnik zu Wort. Das Magazin bietet somit eine perfekte Kommunikationsplattform und wichtige Informationen für Projektentscheidungen.



Transmission Technology International – A growing part of the Engine Technology International brand, this annual supplement highlights the growing importance of power transmission systems in the battle to lower emissions whilst fulfilling customer demands for increased performance and comfort. Now published every year, Transmission Technology International is the only dedicated publication to showcase novel and mainstream transmission technologies to a global audience. As well as a verified international circulation to the OE power train sector, we’ve established strong links with the world’s leading transmission development events worldwide.



Engine Technology International continues to be the industry’s most widely read publication dedicated to advanced IC, hybrid and novel powertrain technologies. Engine Technology International is distributed to over 11,000 industry professionals worldwide by request while only senior personnel meet our subscription requirements.